Freelance Ui/UX & Web Design

Taking your digital experiences to the next level.

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A simple approach –

Discover & Research

By first identifying your needs, I will be able to apply in-depth research to discover and challenge assumptions right from the start.

Design &

Simply put, my goal is to simplify. New products will be created with a simple design, and existing products will be simplified.

Refine &
Refine Again

Once the product is starting to take shape, I will always look for opportunities to improve the experience.

Deliver &

I won't stop working until you and your clients or customers are satisfied. Get ready to pop the champagne! 🥂

Branding collateral (business card and brochure) for Treehouse Medical
iPads displaying website design for various CANImmunize projects
Branding collateral (t-shirt design, business cards, and bag) for Sharp as Knives
Branding collateral (brown bag, business cards, and wbesite design) for Hintonburg Market
A compilation of various Logo Designs and Wordmarks