Marché Hintonburg Market

Your friendly, neighbourhood grocery store.

Business cards, pen, coffee cup and tote bag with hintonburg market branding identity




Food & Beverage



The Hintonburg Market is a small local grocery store based in the heart of the Hintonburg neighbourhood in Ottawa, Ontario. This passion project allowed me to study the demographic of the neighbourhood in order to design a new brand for the market (for fun!).

Discovering that a large majority of its neighbours are young families, the brand took on a youthful yet natural look. The logo took the shape of a barn made with the letter "H", and the fonts chosen are modern, yet rustic.

pattern made from business cards
Tote bag with branding identity
Apron with branding identity

The Challenge

The Hintonburg Market is a well known store in the community, so I really wanted to capture the community within the brand. Going through countless logo iterations I still was not happy, until I finally came up with this concept.

This concept was originally done years ago for a school project, but looking back on it, I realized I had a good concept but my execution wasn't quite right. Now that I had a few more years of design under my belt, I decided to refresh this old idea. By cleaning up the illustration and font choices, I now feel like the brand comes across how I wanted it to in the first place!

Branding materials including stationery, coffee cup, business card
Mockup of web design for hintonburg market